UK internet users are the most attractive to advertisers in Europe and are targeted with even more ad spend per head than those in the US, according to new figures from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB).

Highlights from the IAB report
, released yesterday, include…

  • Total European online ad spend was €8bn (£5.4bn) last year.
  • The UK accounted for the largest share of this amount – 39% of the total (€3.1bn or £2bn), Germany 22% (€1.7bn) and France 15% (€1.1bn).
  • Advertisers spent an average of €82.46 (£56) for each UK web user in 2006, more than twice the €39 (£26) spent for each internet user across the 13 EU countries measured by the study. The average for US internet users is around €60 (£40).

  • Online’s share of total ad revenue exceeded 10% in three European countries – The UK, Netherlands and Denmark.

  • 45% of online ad spend went on search engine marketing, 31% on display ads, 22% on classifieds and directories, and 1.6% on email marketing.

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