If you’re an unemployed developer looking to build up your skill set while you sit on the sidelines, Adobe has a deal for you.

If you can vouch for your unemployment, it’s offering up a $699 software application absolutely free.

That software application is Flex Builder Pro 3.

Flex is Adobe’s open source framework for building cross-platform rich, interactive applications that run on Flash or Adobe AIR. Flex has been employed by a diverse range of users, from tech companies like Yahoo to retailers like Sherwin-Williams. Flex Builder Pro is, as one might guess, Adobe’s software program that is designed to make building and maintaining Flex applications easier.

Offering Flex Builder for free could turn out to be a smart move for Adobe. Developers who take advantage of it will (hopefully) be re-employed at some point soon and if they’ve picked up Flex skills while unemployed, there’s the chance they’ll introduce their new employers to Flex.

They’ll also be expected to spring for a paid version of Flex Builder, of course.

So even if this isn’t a completely altruistic move, it’s still a generous one that may be of interest to developers looking to make the most of their time. If you’re a currently unemployed developer and are interested in the offer, be sure to check out Adobe’s website for all the details and conditions.

Photo credit: semper_fi_brother via Flickr.