From January 2007, unique users will replace page impressions as ABC Electronic’s mandatory measurement metric, according to a new ruling from JICWEBS.

Page impressions are easy to manipulate and don’t necessarily give a true idea of a site’s popularity. For example, figures can be manipulated by splitting content over several pages, forcing the visitor to read a number of pages per story. Some of the biggest online publishers do this. 

Measurement of unique user figures is not without its problems, deletion of cookies for instance, but does at least give a truer measurement of a site’s audience size and reach.

Following consultations, the Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards (JICWEBS) has passed a ruling, deciding that the unique user metric will now be the mandatory minimum metric to be certified by ABC Electronic. We think this is a smart move.

ABC MD Richard Foan believes that this will be a better method of comparing electronic and print media:

“In a time where more media buyers, owners and advertisers are considering the importance of cross-platform advertising opportunities, making Unique Users the mandatory minimum metric for ABC Electronic certification will prove to be a positive and valued move.” 

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