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“If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past year, it’s that the ability to adapt digitally is critical in today’s business environment. As a company, we’ve taken this to heart. A digital-first approach is now woven throughout our strategy, and our ultimate goal is to create the best digital experience powered by our global smart logistics network.” 

Kevin Warren, CMO – March 2021

Digital Accelerator Learning Objectives

So, join Kevin and UPS on this digital transformation journey and understand how we are moving from a UPS-centric mindset to Customer First and Digital First, and what this means for our business and our marketing teams.

Through a combination of lessons with UPS business/digital experts and Econsultancy modules, this course will ensure that participants understand the importance of putting the customer-first, and how key digital campaign planning tools and approaches, including segmentation, targeting, and customer journey mapping, can help to provide the best customer experience.

UPS marketers will explore the rich world of data and understand how a data-driven approach to planning, including hypothesis generation, insight leveraging, and producing a continuous data collection plan, can help support this customer-first approach and achieve business objectives.



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SEO Best Practice: Measurement and Reporting for SEO

Measurement allows marketers to track the effectiveness of their efforts. From the role of analytics and the importance of identifying goals to defining data needs and ensuring validation, this report goes beyond SEO to look at the essentials of measurement and reporting.

Customer Experience

‘Retailers need to keep looking for fresh, innovative ways to provide value to the customer’: Wunderkind’s Richard Jones

Richard Jones is the CRO of performance marketing engine Wunderkind. I recently spoke with Richard about his experiences as a two-time CEO, how brands can provide genuine value to the customer in exchange for their data, and the digital marketing trends that retailers need to keep an eye on in the near future. Tell us […]


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A metaverse reality check: What role for brands?

Many companies are eager to explore investments in the metaverse, but what is the best way to go about this? We conclude our three-part series, ‘A metaverse reality check’, by looking closely at the practical considerations behind metaverse investment, and consider what some major brands have been doing in this space.

What does Beauty Pie’s success reveal about a changing beauty industry?

Beauty Pie raised $100m in funding last September to help further its expansion plans, which it says will involve “more warehouses, pop-up shops and a new membership model (for devotees).” This round of funding follows on from the huge growth Beauty Pie generated during the pandemic, with the brand doubling its number of members and […]


Data & Analytics

Search Engine Marketing

Digital PR: An introduction to writer/blogger outreach

The disciplines of content marketing and SEO are intertwined. Generally speaking, content marketing concerns the creation and publication of content to engage an audience, while SEO concerns the research of topics being searched for by people using Google (or other search engines). Both content marketers and SEOs will also have a focus on creating link-worthy […]


Custom UPS Analyst Sessions

Catch up: Customer Experience 2021 and Personalisation 2.0

This analyst session covers:

  • The business case for prioritising CX
  • Implications for organisational transformation
  • An exploration of the data, technology and strategy required to manage personalisation at scale
  • The increasing importance of zero- and first-party data in enabling effective personalisation

Customer Experience 2.0 and Personalisation – Further Reading

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Ratings and Reviews Best Practice Guide

This best practice guide looks at the feedback economy, why it is important, and the challenges and opportunities it presents brands. It explains how marketers can capitalise on ratings and reviews, including how to unearth insights from customer feedback, diffuse any emerging crises and measure its effectiveness as a channel.

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