The Newspaper Association of America is reporting that newspaper sites have seen their ad revenues increase for the 12th quarter in a row.

Online ad revenues for US newspaper sites totalled $750m (£380m) for Q1 2007, an increase of 22.3% on the same period in 2006. In the same period, print ad spending fell by 6.4%.

We reported recently that US newspaper websites have experienced strong growth so far this year, with 59m people a month visiting US newspaper sites in the first quarter of 2007 – up 5.3% on 2006.

Newspaper website audiences are valuable for advertisers –  88.1% have made a purchase online in the last six months, compared with 78.9% for the overall web audience.

While online ad revenues are on the rise, this is still not enough to compensate for the drop in print ad revenues. Newspapers took a total of $10.6bn (£5.3bn) in ad revenue for Q1, a drop of 4.8% on Q1 2006.

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