US online ad revenues for the first half of the year rose by 26%, to nearly £10bn (£4.9bn), while ad revenues for Q2 2007 totalled over £5bn (£2.4bn), according to stats from IAB / PwC.

Last week, the IAB reported the UK figures, finding that UK online ad revenue rose by 40% in the same period, reaching £1.33bn.

Highlights from the US report (PDF):

  • Search accounted for 41% of  revenues, a similar proportion as the same period in 2006. Display ads accounted for 32%, followed by classifieds on 17% and lead generation on 8%.

  • Consumer-related internet ad spend was the largest category, accounting for 54% of ad revenues in Q2 2007, up 49% from the same period in 2006.

  • The 10 leading ad-selling companies accounted for 70% of total revenues in the Q2 2007.

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