Overall advertising spend in the US rose by 0.6% last year, but online ad revenue continues to rise, growing by 18.9% compared with 2006.

These figures (PDF) are from the Nielsen Company, and show that online advertising is still growing much faster than all other categories, though growth has slowed from 35% between 2005 and 2006.

Other ad categories also showed growth, including magazines by 7.6% and outdoor advertising by 7.2%. However, newspaper advertising revenues continued to fall, by 7.7%.

This is echoed by figures from the National Newspaper Association of America. Its stats show total (print and online) newspaper ad revenues falling by 7.9% in 2007. Print revenues alone fell by 9.4%.

Online newspaper ad revenues were healthier, rising by 18.8% over the year to $3.2bn, accounting for 7.5% of all newspaper ad spend.

This is still not enough to compensate for the decline in print revenues though, and raises the question of whether newspapers should be doing more to optimise their online revenue.

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