Brands interested in reaching women online should know that while social networks offer the most reach, blogs have the most influence.

A study conducted by BlogHer, the community of women bloggers,
iVillage and Compass Partners, polled almost 3000 women in the U.S. who
use the internet at least once a week found that alhtough 75% use
social netowrks, and only 55% read or post to blogs, the influence of
blogs tops all other forms of social media.

  • 80% read a blog daily or 2/3 times a week
  • Those who read blogs are the most tech savvy
  • They’re the most active in all kinds of social media
  • They’re looking for new trends
  • They spend time searching for new products online
  • Other women turn to them for advice and recommendations about new ideas and products

These women are spending less time on activities that supplied them with information and advice in the past.

women prefer blogs to traditional media

Blog content is almost twice as likely to be used to get information, stay informed on specific topics and
seek advice and recommendations. Social networks are mainly used to stay up to date on friends and family.

The economy is definitely affecting their online behavior:

  • 78% are more careful about purchases now
  • 62% are comparing prices online more often
  • 48% are spending more time online researching purchases
  • 25% are trying to buy from “companies I know”

A majority of the women polled report they are significantly more likely to make a purchase decision based on
experiences reported on blogs. Brands hoping to reach and influence
women online should incorporate this information into their content

  • Increase your online visibility, so you can become  “a company I know”
  • Offer bloggers content that their readers will find valuable during their research phase
  • Create content that builds trust and confidence in your brand
  • Get positive customer experiences reported on influential blogs