Platform-neutral e-commerce widget Ecwid has revealed that its users see an increase of 15% in revenue when implementing its Facebook application.

The company analysed 2,000 user accounts and found that in the month following the implementation of an Ecwid Facebook store, an additional 15% of sales was generated from the application.

Ecwid’s widget, which is fully customisable and created entirely in Ajax, can be installed in minutes – and is the second biggest e-commerce platform on Facebook. It’s second only to Payvment, which is based in the US.

Total orders made through Ecwid’s stores on Facebook increased by tenfold in 2011 and total revenue through Facebook increased by 40% year on year. Additionally, the number of fans that like Facebook pages which use Ecwid is now over 10.5m.

Overall revenue through Ecwid Stores across all channels (including blogs and websites) has grown 300% in the last 12 months, with users jumping to 140,000 – a figures that’s currently growing at over 10,000 a month.

Today the company also released an update that allows website owners to ask customers for additional information during checkout to be added to an order (such as a gift note, preferred delivery time or specific delivery instructions). Plus, they can select product options such as sizing or colour, and have greater visibility over pending PayPal orders.

The software is free to use with all of the features above for up to 100 products, and a paid version at $17 a month allows users to add affiliate tracking codes to the conversion page, view unfinished sales and show up to 20,000 products.

Ecwid founder and CEO Ruslan Fazlvev said that the tool makes it easy for people to start monetising their sites and pages with varying levels of technical expertise.

Traditionally, users would be required to build and maintain a separate e-commerce site; pay for a hosted e-commerce solution; or add additional code to add individual ‘Buy Now’ buttons to their site, all of which can be a time consuming and costly exercise.”

Ecwid recently upgraded its Facebook application, allowing users who manage multiple pages to view them from a single dashboard – and integrating ’Fan Gate’ functionality that shows different content to users dependent on whether they ‘like’ a page or not.  

Russian-based Ecwid received $1.5m of funding in December 2011, which it used to open a new office in the US that serves its largely American client base.

Now the company is entering the UK, with further developments on the horizon that take their lead from the Guardian’s Facebook app, meaning that Ecwid purchases will soon show up in a customer’s newsfeed.