As a non-coder I’ve never felt 100% geek, despite what some of my Luddite friends think. However, as this picture shows, I am getting ever-closer to that magical figure (and to inheriting the earth, which would fulfil a small ambition).

Yes, I’ve received this month’s geek merchandise from Valleyschwag!

Valleyschwag for July 2006

Valleyschwag, for those of you who don’t know, is a superb idea. It collects free merchandise from various tech companies and distributes it around the globe, for a nominal subscription fee. For collectors of, erm, geek chic, look no further.

You normally receive a t-shirt, which is worth the subscription price of $20 alone. This month Yahoo Developer Network kindly provided a lovely brown t-shirt, with backup provided in the shape of laptop stickers, badges, squeezy brains, stick-on-wall-lights, fortune cookies…. 

Any startups or marketers even remotely aimed at the tech community would do a lot worse than printing up some merchandise and handing it over to Thor Muller at Valleyschwag.

Speaking of which, I must order those E-consultancy lab coats…