Joost, the P2P internet TV service, is said to be close to securing a content deal with Viacom,  the parent company of MTV and Comedy Central.

Two weeks ago, Viacom demanded the removal of 100,000 of its clips from YouTube, after failing to reach an agreement with the video sharing site over use of its content.

Joost, which has previously operated under the working title of the ‘Venice Project’,  is not a direct rival to YouTube, as Joost aims to recreate the experience of watching TV online, showing full length TV shows and films, rather than just clips.  

The internet TV service is the brainchild of Skype founders Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis. Joost has already concluded deals with Endemol, National Geographic, and Warner Music for their programming.

We reviewed Joost back in December, and found the quality of the streaming TV and the UI to be impressive, though at the time the service was lacking the kind of content required to attract large numbers of users.