VibeAgent is a hotel search and review site that’s currently in private beta – users submit hotel reviews and recommendations, while the site allows you to book the hotel online.

Like TripAdvisor, VibeAgent provides user recomendations of hotels around the world. What it does differently is to rank the reviews and recommendations you see, according to user preferences.

This means that reviews from your connections on the site, or from users whose preferences broadly match your own, will be prioritised when you search for a place to stay.

Like any good travel site, VibeAgent uses Google Maps to display the locations of hotels. The maps aren’t just there for decoration too - you can see reviews, user profiles, and hotel photos through the maps, as well looking at an area to see if any of your contacts has stayed there.

Searching for hotels on the site is easy, and the reviews are nice and detailed,  accompanied by useful information deatiling the facilities on offer in the hotel, its location on Google Maps, as well as a range of photographs of the rooms and the hotel.

In addition, the room rates on offer are displayed from a range of travel agents helping you find the best deal.

Despite the fact that this is a private beta, there is already a good range of reviews on offer. VibeAgent also claims to be the fifth biggest hotel website, as it has a bookable inventory of more than 120,000 hotels,  thanks to partnerships with TravelWorm and OneTravel.

VibeAgent recently raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding, and welcomed Trip Davis, President and CEO of TRX Inc. to its Board of Directors.

This is an excellent site so far, offering most of the information you need when looking for a hotel. About the only thing missing is video footage, something offered by recent startup Trivop, though VibeAgent has more coverage and a better range of reviews.

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