According to rumours Victoria Beckham wanted the Spice Girls tour to finish early so she could concentrate on her fashion career.

Does her online PR suggest she’s a WAG, musician or fashion icon? What can she do to turn it her way?

Whether it’s increasing brand awareness by being displayed alongside relevant terms, or trying to get positive articles about a brand to show up when users search for the brand name or slogan, SEO for PR is important and here to stay.

It’s unusual to see that many celebrities – for whom, in a world of merchandising, their name is their brand - don’t seem to be doing enough to manage their online PR.

Let’s use Victoria Beckham as an example.

Her fame began in the late 90’s as a Spice Girl, she was then known as Queen WAG after marrying David Beckham before becoming a worldwide fashion icon – soon to be on the cover of UK Vogue.

A search on her name on Google brings up a news story (from Google News) about David Beckham at the top of the page, but not before a paid search advert from The Sun offering photos of Victoria at New York fashion week – great news for Posh as The Sun is unknowingly assisting her online PR as a fashion icon.

The main results are more of a reflection of her celebrity. Beginning positively with her own fashion website dVb Style, the top 10 results are made up of generic celebrity and profile sites like Wikipedia,, AskMen and IMDb.

None of the search results relate to her music career – even the YouTube clips, which make positions 8 and 9, are from her fly on the wall TV documentary. Not one of them is from the thousands of Spice Girls clips that can be seen on YouTube.

Victoria should engage with popular fashion blogs, offering them exclusives. Over time this would ensure search results would be more reflective of the projects she is working on and wants to promote.

A YouTube channel would do wonders too – if Victoria Beckham’s name and the dVb brand are to become global fashion and beauty names, the online PR campaign (if there is one) needs to raise its game.

Leon Bailey is an Online Marketing, PR and Partnerships professional specialising in fashion, beauty and celebrity media. He currently works for