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Online Video Best Practice Guide

 ‌ Econsultancy’s Online Video Best Practice Guide outlines the opportunities presented by video, discussing the strategic role it should play in the company vision. The guide draws on insights from video marketers in a range of industries and includes practical tips for how to shoot and organise video content.

It covers:

  • The different formats of online video and where in the customer journey they work best
  • How to set an effective brief, including deciding on what video content to create based on company goals
  • How to use data to target the right audiences for your video content
  • Top tips for B2B brands developing an online video strategy
  • How to ensure video is accessible and complies with regulations.

Targeting in display

How sophisticated tracking techniques are giving marketers better ways to target consumers.


10 brands getting creative with GIFs and looping video on Instagram

The GIF is still seeing a surge in popularity with the rise of emojis, memes and stickers. And while its cousin, short-form video, is having its time in the spotlight thanks to the rise of TikTok, GIFs remain nonetheless a very viable and popular alternative for brands looking to quickly convey messages.

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