Video plays on tablets, mobile devices and connected TVs nearly doubled in Q4 2011 compared to Q4 2010, according to digital video analyst Ooyala.

Google TV also registered impressive growth, achieving a 91% increase in video plays from Q3.

This comes despite news that Google’s TV apps are failing to find a foothold with consumers.

Ooyala’s report found that viewers watching on connected TV devices and game consoles were the most engaged in Q4, completing videos at a rate of 47% followed by tablet viewers at 38% of videos completed.

Looking more closely at engagement, tablet owners watched 21.9% longer per video in Q4 compared to Q3 suggesting that users are becoming more comfortable watching long-form content on the device.

However connected TV is still the king of engagement, with long-form video accounting for 57% of the hours watched on a connected TV or games console.

The data also shows that connected TV and games console users watched 288% longer per play on average than desktop viewers.

Ooyala also looked at how viewers are sharing content through social media. Facebook is far away the most popular platform for sharing content with more than 10 videos shared for every one on Twitter.

Ooyala’s data set covers video plays across more than 5,000 domains in more than 130 countries. 

On a monthly basis, more than 100m viewers watch video on an Ooyala-powered site.