Vodafone is to partner with Google to provide a version of Google Maps for users of its mobile phones.

Vodafone said it will, in conjunction with Google Maps, provide easy-to-use maps and local listings, as well as local search and navigation capabilities.

The deal between the two companies only applies to the European market at present, and will be available to users of the Vodafone Live! walled garden internet service.

Vodafone also plans to use Google Maps to provide users with real time location information, based on which network cell the user is in.

Frank Rovecamp of Vodafone explained the benefits of the deal:

“It is a prime example of how Vodafone, through its location service and distribution scale, can complement Google’s products and unlock mass-market access to exciting services.”

Vodafone has been busy recently, adding some of the most popular online services to its mobile internet offering. After the deal with News Corporation to add MySpace to mobiles, Vodafone has also signed agreements with YouTube and eBay.