Vodafone UK has implemented real-time attribution and tag management technology from TagMan in what the mobile operator is calling its strategy for “unstoppable digital”.

It says this will transform the company’s understanding of the digital marketing campaigns it runs, radically altering its approach to that investment as it expands activity in this area.

Vodafone online and telesales marketing manager Gareth Davies  said that the company can now track all campaigns in one place, and view how they combine to result in sales.

We truly know how paid search, natural search, email, display affiliates and such interact and support each other.”

Davies added that using new providers would offer better value for money since TagMan will enable it to add new tags to its web pages in minutes rather than months.

Vodafone affiliate and performance marketing manager James Talbot added that the collaboration will help to generate further savings through the optimisation of the company’s de-duplication model. 

TagMan’s announced a partnership with call tracking specialist AdInsight back in December that combines online with offline analytics. 

The companies, both of which have previously won Econsultancy Innovation Awards, said that this would connect the dots between customers’ entire online journey and any phone calls to a business by housing AdInsight’s tracking inside the TagMan tag management system.

At the time, the companies were investigating their client bases to develop a joint trial programme of the integration., which Vodafone would seem to be a perfect candidate for.

With successful implementation of TagMan’s offering under its belt, it seems only a matter of time before the mobile operator joins the dots even further to include phone tracking as well.