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Why are there still so few voice case studies out there?

 ‌ There is a surprising dearth of case studies available that talk about the results that voice apps have yielded for brands. How much usage are they seeing? Have they yielded any revenue or brand lift, or brought in any new customers?

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Voice in 2020 is (still) not about search

Well, here we are. We’ve made it to 2020, the year that so many believed would be a milestone for voice search, because allegedly, 50% of all search queries by 2020 were going to be conducted via voice.

Microlearning: Getting to grips with voice search

 ‌ Voice interfaces have become embedded into our daily lives, from smart speakers like Amazon Echo to smart devices. Currently only 20% of mobile queries are voice searches but many use cases are emerging. Learn how shoppers are using voice and what this means to marketers.

Articles on voice

Amazon Echo, the voice recognition streaming device from Amazon

Are smart speakers making audio advertising more enticing?

According to Canalys, global smart speaker usage is forecast to grow 82.4% in 2019, rising from 114 million units in 2018 to 207.9 million this year. In the UK, specifically, the number of smart speaker users is predicted to grow 31.6% to 12.6 million also in 2019.

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Voice Search: why you shouldn't just optimise for Google

 ‌ There have been a number of important developments in the realm of voice search over the past 12 months, from the advent of speakable schema to the growing use of smart speakers and other voice assistant-augmented smart devices, such as smart fridges and smart microwaves. This Briefing looks at how marketers can start preparing for a world where voice is more widespread.

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woman in camo jacket looking at smartphone exterior

Short Guide to Mobile Marketing Best Practice

Introduction This guide highlights three key themes which will help marketers deliver better mobile experiences for their customers and improve the performance of their mobile marketing activity. These three themes are: personalising the customer experience, mapping the customer journey and planning for the age of assistance. The guide draws from Econsultancy’s Mobile Marketing report which […]

Getting to Grips with Voice Search

Getting to Grips with Voice Search

Introduction Voice assistants and voice interfaces are becoming increasingly embedded into our everyday lives. Each new wave of technology brings new ways for us to talk to our devices. From smartphones, which brought us the first modern digital voice assistant Siri, to smart speakers such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, to the emerging generation […]

Voice Search - Econsultancy's Internet Statistics Database

Find voice search and smart speakers trends – visit the ISD

 ‌ Browse, save and export more voice-related statistics and charts in the Internet Statistics Database. Constantly updated to reflect the latest findings.

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