Producing content that consumers want to share is the holy grail for video marketers, as not only is it an endorsement of your ad but it means that person’s friends are also likely to view the video.

And within the automotive industry, nobody produces shareable content quite like Volkswagen.

A new report from Unruly found that the German carmaker accounted for a quarter of all automotive video shares from June 2011 to June 2012, followed by Kia (21.6%) and Chevrolet (15.3%).

The data, which is sourced from the Viral Video Chart of 12,867 autos videos, also shows that VW’s Super Bowl ad The Force is the most shared ad of all time, with more than 5.5m shares and 62.5m views.

The ad resulted in a 127% uplift in traffic and apparently drove the sale of 20,902 units. However this seems quite high and I feel it’s unlikely that one funny ad was the deciding factor in a decision to spend several thousand pounds on a car. 

Unruly’s research consists of a share of voice analysis, which maps the dissemination of 300bn video streams and tracks more than 2m video sharing events per day. 

It found that for every branded automotive video shared, there is an average of 25 peers that could see that content.

This is based on the average number of Facebook friends and Twitter followers a user has, and factors in Facebook’s EdgeRank, the filtering algorithm that limits the number of people who see the updates.

The report suggests that shares are a more important metric of a video’s success, as views can be bought and “as such as largely a measure of media ad spend.”

However, shares demonstrate that a consumer has engaged with your content and your brand so much that they are driven to share that video with their friends, family and peers.

And it has some decent examples to back this up. When Range Rover launched its new Evoque model, it used social video advertising to drive more than 2.6m views of its launch video and encourage almost 90,000 consumers to complete a data capture form. 

The campaign achieved a high CTR of 11.76% to a web page to find out more about the product.

Which brands are achieving the best results?

Four automotive manufacturers account for about three quarters (73.1%) of all video shares.

Looking at which ads have achieved the most shares between June 2011 and June 2012, Kia comes out on top with 1.6m shares, followed by Chevrolet (1.1m) and VW (1m).

Quality versus quantity

Data included in Unruly’s report shows a huge disparity between the number of videos created by the different brands and how shareable their video content was.

VW produced only 2.1% of the total number of videos created by automobile brands between July 2011 and June 2012, yet accounts for 25.7% of shares.

In comparison, Toyota produced 10.7% of automotive videos but achieved just 1.1% of views.

In fact, the top three most shared brands of the period examined account for 62.5% of shares but only 15.1% of total video content.