Voucher Cloud is an app developed by Invitation Digital that allows users to get discount vouchers straight to their mobile, as well as locating nearby businesses with special offers.

It’s an excellent idea, and one which removes the need to print out vouchers to use discount codes offline. So does the app measure up?

Voucher Cloud app

To make things easier, Voucher Cloud takes your current location via GPS and serves up the offers closest to you. This seems to work well, though I did get an offer for an Aston Villa stadium tour, and I’m a long way from Birmingham.

The various knife and fork and other symbols above allow you to narrow the search to just restaurants etc, while you can search through an A-Z list or on the map if you prefer:

Selecting an entry will bring up more details of the offer and information on terms and conditions:

Useful contact information is also provided, and the location can be pinpointed using Google Maps. Perhaps a future update to the app could add more information to help users decide about businesses, such as price ranges, and maybe user reviews.

Clicking on the ‘use’ link will take you to the voucher you need to show to the waiter when the bill arrives:

Other options allow you to track your savings:

The only problem I had with the app when I tried it out was the subscription options. In the settings screen, it marks me as subscription inactive, and then gives me these options:

Clarity is important when it comes to charges, and the options here have been explained poorly. Looking at this forum, it has already caused some confusion with potential users, while others have given it just one star in the App Store thanks to the charges.

Also, if you are asking people to pay £5.99 per month, then why not make an effort to sell the benefits of subscription and actually tell them what they will get for the fee?

Telling people they will ‘enjoy unlimited usage of everything Voucher Cloud has to offer’ is simply not enough information, and it also doesn’t tell people anything about the payment method.

Having asked Invitation Digital Director Greg Le Tocq about this, many of the offers on the app are free, but the subscription option provides access to the full range of vouchers, such as discounts at Marco Pierre White’s restaurant. He also said that the app description would be changed to make this clearer.


The Voucher Cloud app is well-designed and easy to use, and offers a very useful service, saving the hassle of printing out vouchers from the web, and thus allowing people to use voucher codes more spontaneously.

Given the growth and popularity of voucher codes online, and the potential for people to make saving through the app, Voucher Cloud has the potential to become very popular indeed.