But thankfully our Future of Digital Marketing conference on June 7th will cut through all the bullcrap and help put these whizzy new technologies in proper context for marketing professionals.

Speakers from VICE Media, Atom Bank and the Reuters Institute will enlighten delegates on emerging trends in digital marketing, with inspirational case studies and perhaps a few live demos.

Alongside those already mentioned, topics up for debate will include personalisation, mobile messaging, digital content strategy, and personalisation.

Our own dear president, Ashley Friedlein, will be taking to the stage to give his views on why marketers need to care about bots.

It’s a topic he’s very excited about, as you can see in this video.

There are even rumours he might create an ‘Ashley bot’ for a live Q&A, but technical issues may well put the kaibosh on those lofty plans.

Virtual reality

You can’t attend a marketing conference these days without mention of VR, and #FODM16 is obviously no different.

However we’ll be examining why VR is relevant and how it can work effectively within a marketing context.

Dominic Collins from California-based VR firm Jaunt will be talking about why VR isn’t just useful for video games. You can read an interview with him here.


The Future of Digital Marketing event takes place in London on June 7th. Go here for further speaker and ticket information.