This week on our weekly showcase of The Dachis Group’s Social Business Index we’ve focused on two widely anticipated events: Halloween and the return of Land Rover’s Defender model (for all you car lovers out there). 

The Dachis Group has analyzed two well-known brands – Walmart and Land Rover – to see why they are faring better in the social space this week.

We’ll also take a glimpse at the top twenty brands on the Social Business Index, a real-time ranking of more than 30,000 global brands based on their performance in the social space, to see how the biggest brands in social are faring.

Analyzed by Allison Squires

Walmart caused ripples across the social sphere last week, as they prepare for Halloween in-store and online. On their Facebook page, they are posting images of various halloween candy treats. In one particular post, Walmart put out a candy showdown between Butterfinger and Rainbow Nerds. 

Who knew that these two candy items would spark such a playful debate on the Facebook wall? Fans voted for Butterfinger by ‘liking’ the post, and voted for Nerds by ‘sharing’ the post. With 141k likes and 13k shares, looks like Butterfinger won the candy battle. 

This clever use of Facebook features as a fun and informal voting mechanism helped Walmart mobilize their fans and generate a massive spike in activity.

Tata (Land Rover)
Analyzed by Dave Mastronardi

Land Rover announced the stateside return of its iconic Defender model. And there was much social rejoicing. Land Rover discontinued US Defender production in 1997, deciding not to make modifications required by new US safety regulations. The comeback announcement, made during last week’s Paris Auto Show, sent Land Rover’s twitterati into a retweet frenzy, resulting in a five-time increase over the brand’s average daily Twitter mentions. 

Defender’s US return wasn’t the only big driver for Land Rover. The Defender Double Cab Pick Up used in the new Bond film, SKYFALL, was debuted at the Paris Auto Show to huge acclaim. A Facebook post featuring Agent Eve’s double-o dinged-up ride received over 3,400 likes and close to 400 shares –well outside the norm for Land Rover.

Are the brand’s above average social signals an indicator of the model’s future business success? Stay tuned.

Editors note: The Social Business Index, a free ranking compiled by The Dachis Group, is based on the analysis of conversations on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other social platforms. The index is based on the execution and effectiveness of businesses at driving outcomes such as brand awareness, content sharing, and advocacy.