Music download website We7 has struck a deal with indie record label V2 to provide content for its service.

V2 will make its back catalogue available for download on We7, including music from Bloc Party, Stereophonics and others. The label will also make tracks from new artists available on the site.

We7, which went live in beta last month, is the first music download service in Europe to offer tracks free of charge, and without DRM. It is supported by ad revenue - each track comes with a 10 second advert.

After three or four weeks, users are invited to download an ad-free version of the track. Users can choose to pay for songs if they want to avoid the advertising.

Founder Steve Purdham told E-consultancy recently:

“The model is fairly simple. It gives listeners the ability to download free music, the artist to get paid and the advertiser to get listened to. It’s a symbiotic relationship between the downloader, the rights-owner and the advertiser.”