On a scale of one to two point zero, how are the UK’s newspaper groups doing in terms of their adoption of Web 2.0 concepts, tools and approaches?

Ian Delaney, a UK journalist who blogs about Web 2.0 over at twopointouch.com, alerted me to a fine piece of analysis conducted by the BBC’s Robin Hammon, who has looked into this topic in some detail.

Certain Big Media websites seem somewhat set in their ways, but over the past 18 months we have seen various forward-thinking initiatives launched from some of the biggest names in publishing.

Robin’s chart suggests (click to expand) that there are three clear leaders, with The Guardian awarded top marks, closely followed by The Times, The Daily Mail and The Sun.

UK newspaper groups and Web 2.0

It would be interesting to expand the scope of this chart beyond tools / technologies, since in my view that is only half of what constitutes ‘Web 2.0’ (although the term itself can be open to interpretation).

‘Web 2.0’ is also about concepts / approaches, which would encompass things like aggregation, personalisation and relevancy. All of which are related to one of my long-standing issues with Big Media: rubbish advertising. That means intrusive formats and what appears to be an absence of targeting / contextual placement.

Sooner or later this too should change…