I’ve always been partial to a good-looking font, preferably sans serif. Stuart Brown over at Modern Life Is Rubbish has compiled a few typefaces for the Web 2.0 crowd.

He has selected the following fonts, each of which is used by a 2.0 company logo, but can you match the company to the font?

The companies:

TechCrunch, 37signals, 9rules, Tailrank, POPURLS, Bloglines, 43 Things, Ning and finally ROLLYO.

The fonts:
American Typewriter, Clarendon, DIN Engschrift, Frutiger, Helvetica Bold, ITC Officina Bold, Interstate, Myriad Pro Bold and VAG Rounded.

For the answers, check out Stuart’s post.

And for a more comprehensive look at Web 2.0 logos and fonts head over to FontShop.

There’s also Ludwig Gatzke’s mega-compilation of 400 Web 2.0 logos, if you’re looking for inspiration, or just curious.