VCs invested $464.2m (£232.5m) in ‘Web 2.0’ firms in the first half of this year, according to figures released by Dow Jones VentureOne and Ernst & Young.

The study (pdf - via VentureBeat) also suggests that the Web 2.0 investment craze has gone global, with increased VC activity in Europe and Israel.

The study found…

  • $464.4m was invested into 101 Web 2.0 deals in the six months, with $357m (£179m) going into 67 US deals, a similar figure to the same period in 2006.
  • $52m (£26m) was invested in 20 European Web 2.0 deals, the same number of deals as for the whole of last year.
  • The UK accounted for seven of the European deals and an investment of $22m (£11m). In 2006, five Web 2.0 deals involved UK companies, worth a total of $23.4m (£11.9m).
  • Investment in French companies has also increased, with five deals worth $16m (£8m) so far this year. Last year a total of $39m (£20m) was invested in France.
  • Investment in China seems to have dropped slightly, just nine Web 2.0 deals, worth a total of $41m (£20.5m) down from 12 deals during the same time last year. 

In last year’s Ernst and Young/Dow Jones figures, $844m (£431m) was invested in 167 Web 2.0 deals, so it looks like that amount may be surpassed this year.

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