Most UK youngsters say the internet has affected the number of magazines they buy, according to a new survey, which also suggests over one third of consumers are buying fewer titles than they were 10 years ago.

The research, conducted by web research company (and therefore probably a bit skewed towards online rather than offline consumption), found 82% of women and 69% of men read magazines frequently.

But only 32.9% said they read more titles than a decade ago and 36.9% said they read fewer.

Covered in The Observer, the study found the web had not impacted the buying patterns of 55.4% of consumers, but 38.8% of respondents said it had.

More men (44.1%) than women (36.6%) said the web had affected how many titles they buy, and this increased to 53.8% when 16-24 year olds were asked.

The findings come amid falls in the circulation of men’s mags such as FHM and Loaded, and is mirrored by research in the US.

A survey by Nielsen//NetRatings and MRI recently found the vast majority of visitors to American monthly magazines’ websites did not read the titles offline.

Men were also more likely than women to only read the content online.

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