The internet is a big influence on every stage of the purchase process, and influences buying decisions both online and offline, according to a survey by DoubleClick.

The DoubleClick study, which surveyed more than 3,000 online consumers in the UK, France, and Germany, looks at the role of the internet in purchase decisions.

The survey found that:

  • Most consumers use a search engine to research a product or service – 69% of Britons and more than half the French and Germans used this method.  
  • Pop-ups, telemarketing and spam are the most reviled forms of marketing, followed by floating web ads and SMS ads.
  • The most influential medium in the purchase process is the internet, for 20% of those from the UK, while over 20% of French respondents said the salesperson, and most Germans rely on word of mouth.
  • The most popular action consumers say they take in response to online advertising is to click on email newsletter links. 37% of French respondents and 23% of Germans said they do so regulalrly.

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