European consumers are now spending more time online than reading newspapers and magazines, according to a new study.

The Jupiter Research survey, covered in the FT, shows internet consumption has doubled from two to four hours per week in the last two years, but is not cannibalising print and TV.

TV viewing rose from 10 hours per week to 12, while print consumption has remained static at three hours a week.

The survey covered over 5,000 people in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

The fact that internet consumption has passed print consumption is an important landmark for the establishment of the internet in Europe,” Mark Mulligan, research director at Jupiter told the paper.

This shift in the balance of power will increasingly shape content distribution strategies, advertising spend allocation and communication strategies.

Earlier this month, the UK’s Internet Advertising Bureau predicted that online ad spending would overtake that in national newspapers by the end of this year.

In August, industry regulator Ofcom also released a report showing ‘a dramatic shift away’ from traditional media in the UK.