DropSend for saleWho wants to buy a web app? Ryan Carson has sent us the inside track on DropSend, which is looking for a new home.

The DropSend app was launched about a year ago and allows users to email large files. It stores files on a local server and provides a ‘download’ link for the recipient.

DropSend was built for less than £30,000 over an eight-month period and is profitable, but Ryan is now looking to focus on newer projects.

The business has a range of pricing models, depending on your anticipated usage, from $0 per month to $99 per month.

We caught up with Ryan to find out a little more about the key facts and figures.

What sort of revenue is DropSend bringing in each month?

Revenue: $9,200 per month (and growing by 8.6% per month)
Costs: $2,100 per month (Servers at 365main.com + maintenance)
Profit: $7,100 per month

What about the rate of revenue growth?

Expected monthly revenue by Dec 2007 is $21,500. This is a conservative estimate, based on our current rate of growth (without any advertising or active marketing).

If a concerted effort was made to advertise and market DropSend, we believe the revenue could increase significantly.

How many users does DropSend currently have?


How many users are on each plan?
Free: 56,787
Basic ($5): 216
Standard ($9): 157
Pro ($19): 90
Business ($99): 43

So there you have it. One web app, profitable, more than 500 paying subscribers, and for sale.

Send word to chris@e-consultancy.com if you buy it (and tell Ryan we sent you!).