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Join this live Q1 Digital Shift webinar hosted by industry expert Neil Perkin. This event highlights and discusses the key developments in digital marketing and ecommerce.

Agenda points:

  • The implications of generative AI: With ChatGPT and DALL-E creating a step change in democratised AI capabilities, what are the implications and techniques that will really matter for marketing?
  • Live commerce latest: In this challenging but rapidly evolving space, we take a look at some of the latest innovations from the big technology players alongside some interesting new entrants to the market.
  • Are virtual influencers at a tipping point? As the sophistication of virtual avatars and influencers improves exponentially, may we be about to see a real inflection point?
  • NFT innovation: Known initially for proving ownership of digital art, could we be seeing the emergence of more pragmatic use cases for NFTs?