With the ability to reach over half of the world’s population,[1] social media advertising forms a critical part of any organisation’s paid strategy. However, with a constantly evolving set of ad formats and functionality, one of the chief challenges for marketers and ecommerce professionals is how to stay effective and up to date with emergent opportunities.

From the rise of social commerce through to the impact of new privacy rules, this webinar covers key trends and best practice from Econsultancy’s latest Social Media Advertising Best Practice Guide. Through rich case studies and expert insight, it will cover the key things you need to know to launch an effective social media advertising strategy in 2023.

This webinar will cover:

  • Key trends in social media advertising – where are we today? What’s changed? Where next?
  • What to consider when creating an effective social media advertising strategy.
  • How to approach targeting in a post-ATT and third-party cookie environment.
  • How social media advertising can support the entirety of the purchase funnel.

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