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The Skills Dilemma 2022: How can marketing cross the digital chasm?

3rd November, GMT 15:00 / EST 11:00

An existing digital skills gap has been exacerbated by rapid digitisation post-Covid. In this briefing, we ask a panel of senior marketers and digital professionals what they see as key skills for 2022 and whether modern job descriptions are asking too much of new hires.

We’ll consult the Econsultancy Digital Skills Framework, which illustrates the vast scale of digital, marketing and ecommerce competencies, to offer a view on the right mix of specialist vs. personal and professional skills.

Trends & Developments in Digital Commerce From the Latest Analyst Research

26th October, BST 11:00am. Sponsored by Spryker.

To better compete and stay ahead of market developments, businesses need to be able to act and adapt fast, and to continuously test new ideas, features, touchpoints or entire business models to continuously improve their digital offering without lengthy detours.

In this webinar, Alex Graf (CEO & Co-Founder of Spryker) will discuss:

  1. The current market situation and global trends shaping the digital commerce landscape
  2. Recent analyst research: developments in ecommerce from the latest analyst research
  3. How to capitalize on the ecommerce boom and what you should focus on in 2021 and beyond

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