Websnapr has been getting a lot of good coverage over the past couple of days on delicious and Digg, but it isn’t the only thumbnail generator in town.

While it is a site that certainly looks the part, replete with Web 2.0 logo, Websnapr isn’t working too quickly, no doubt due to the traffic spike it will have received from those aforementioned social media sites du jour.

If you’re trying it out then be patient, or, visit a solid-as-a-rock alternative called Bluga.net WebThumb.

WebThumb invites you to enter a URL and then spits out thumbnails in four different sizes. Websnapr, by contrast, only provides one (small) size at the time of writing.

WebThumb’s brainchild – and AJAX guru – Joshua Eichorn has made the code available as an open API, allowing you to do something lovely with it.