The biennial search ranking factors report from SEOmoz was released today, which surveyed 134 SEO professionals on what has the most effect on search rankings, and their views on the future of search. 

Here’s a few highlights from the report…

2011 ranking factors

2011 SEO ranking factors

For comparison, here’s the 2009 ranking factors:

2009 ranking factors

Social signals

One of the things that SEOs have been predicting over the past couple of years is the influence of social media on search engine rankings. 

In the 2011 chart above, page level social metrics is shown to be significant, and the questions SEOs have been asking is what social signals the search engines are looking for, and how influential they are. 

The report does find a correlation between sites with strong social metrics and those with higher rankings. The most significant factors here were Facebook shares, comments, likes, followed by tweets. 

The future of search

The 134 SEOs were also asked about the future of search, and how ranking factors would change over the next few years. 

Most predicted that the analysis of a page or website’ perceived value to users would become more important, followed by social signals at both page and domain level. 

For more detail, check out the 2011 search ranking factors on SEOmoz