You can watch what John said in the videos below, as well as read a summary of his points. 

Conversation with customers

John states that content marketing is the key to a good customer experience, regardless of sector or industry. 

By content, he means creating a conversation in order for the brand to let customers know what it is they stand for. 

This might be inspirational content that is designed to build awareness. It could be transactional, to provide a specific solution, or alternatively, it could be a broader conversation to prove the ongoing value of a brand or service.

But ultimately, there is no value in having social channels or a company website without the high-quality content to back it up.

An experience powered by digital

In contrast to the assumption that a customer-centric approach is only important for consumer brands, John states how, as individuals, we now expect a digital experience across the board.

As a result, regardless of whether we’re visiting a B2B website or a consumer one, the expectation is always for a digitally-powered journey.

John highlights the following three features as key areas of focus:

  • A mobile responsive site.
  • Content delivered through an app.
  • A consistent experience across all channels.

While B2B brands might be slower in delivering the above, the rising tide of consumer expectation means that all three are becoming increasingly in demand. 

Internal ownership

While a specific department for customer experience might not be necessary, John stipulates the importance of giving employees ownership and defined responsibility for CX.

Additionally, it’s vital for companies to set up clear metrics.

By being able to measure success, customer experience is more likely to be given greater focus and investment from management.

While it might not traditionally be the biggest focus for B2B brands, it is just as important for their long-term strategy and success. 

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