So, the word clouds can be seen below. You can click through both of them to make them bigger if you wish.

To squint and compare them, you may have to zoom out on your browser a little.

Scroll down to see what I make of them.

2015 Econsultancy blog post titles (with word size indicative of frequency)

2015 econ blog titles wordcloud

2014 Econsultancy blog post titles

2014 econ blog titles wordcloud

Maybe 2014 actually was the year of mobile?

Mobile was used in blog post titles as much as social and content in 2014, but it 2015 it shrinks a little bit (aww).

Nobody is disputing that developments on mobile continues apace, but perhaps 2015 was the year we finally stopped talking about mobile as if it was a vestigial limb of the web on desktop?

What happened to poor old email?

In the 2014 word cloud, email is tucked in on the bottom left in green. It’s a good size, like a lamb ready for slaughter because in 2015 it’s quite hard to find, nestling at the top in red (like a tiny Tetris block).

Although there are elements of email that haven’t hit the mainstream (such as dynamic content), perhaps brands have now got to grips with automated email (a discussion point that perhaps peaked in 2013).

Has Google had a bigger year than Facebook?

Google and Facebook got equal coverage in 2014, but 2015 saw Google balloon (in the word cloud) and Facebook shrivel.

This is likely because 2014 was the year we finally got to grips with the scale of advertising revenue Facebook was bringing in.

More and more advertisers adopted Facebook mobile ads, causing much debate on the blog.

Moving to 2015, Google released a lot of product updates, notably around shopping, tracking and apps.

Facebook, too, saw lots of change on that front, but being cynical, perhaps our staff writers know that writing about Google attracts more of our audience. Take this one with a pinch of salt perhaps.

Has SEO waned?

SEO doesn’t feature in as many Econsultancy blog post titles in 2015 as it did in 2014.

Maybe we’ve been there and bought the t-shirt, or maybe the significant number of Google ‘algorithm’ updates in 2014 led to more coverage of SEO in that year (Penguin, Panda, authorship).

Black Friday has crept in

Okay, the words Black and Friday are pretty small in the 2015 word cloud (treat it like a game of Where’s Wally/Waldo?), but they show our coverage of the day has increased a lot since 2014.

This is due to more retailers getting involved online and a more strategic element to the event stemming from greater competition.