It’s worth noting that the research was carried out before the July deadline, but it transpires that the largest proportion of both agency (43%) and in-house (56%) respondents still weren’t sure what impact Enhanced Campaigns would have on paid search campaigns.

However for those that did have an opinion on the matter, a higher proportion of both companies (29%) and agencies (35%) thought that the change will have a positive effect on their paid search marketing.

Do you think ‘Enhanced Campaigns’ will have a positive impact on your/your clients’ paid search marketing?

Respondents were also given the chance to expand on their answers and give reasons for why they felt Enhanced Campaigns would have a positive or negative impact.

Positive opinions from the agency respondents included easy management, simplifying and streamlining campaigns. The overwhelming reason for agencies to answer that Enhanced Campaigns would not have a positive impact was, like for companies, the lack of ability to segment devices, especially not being able to run mobile-only campaigns.

Specific examples include:

  • “[This] does not allow us to set up separate campaigns for devices which is fundamental to our strategy and targeting – this is a very bad move!”
  • “Segmenting mobile/tablet/desktop visits has enabled us to achieve efficiencies in our campaigns which we fear may be lost with the roll out of enhanced campaigns.”
  • “‘Enhanced’?? No, dumbed down. Yes, you will have fewer campaigns, but this actually lessens intelligence gained from analytics.”
  • “Mobile campaigns are already standalone with a defined bid strategy across key terms. Consolidating this feels a backward step right now bearing in mind we have context as part of the strategy. ROI will no doubt be affected.”

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