In this revised and updated beginner’s guide I’ll be answering the following questions: What is a conversion? What is CRO? And what are some key techniques you can use to optimise your conversion rate?

Let’s say your site is doing brilliantly in many areas. Traffic is coming your way via an effective SEO, paid search, social or content strategy (or even TV...). Great! Unfortunately, the people visiting your site aren’t achieving the goal you actually intended them to achieve in the first place: they’re not converting.

‘Conversion’ may not necessarily be a purchase, although it frequently can be. A conversion can also be an email sign-up, the creation of an account, the completion of a survey, an app download.

Whatever the ultimate point of your website is, a conversion is the successful completion of that action. Conversion Rate (CR) is a key metric in ecommerce in particular, as it reveals the percentage of your site’s total traffic that is completing a specific goal. The higher the conversion rate, the better.

What is conversion rate optimisation (CRO)?

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