As shown in the Career and Salary Survey Report, salaries within digital are largely increasing as a result.

But with an expanding pool of talent and so many different skills to draw upon, what exactly do employers look for when hiring digital marketing talent?

We recently sat down with three senior marketers and asked them exactly what makes somebody a sure-fire hire.

  • John Watton – EMEA Marketing Director at Adobe.
  • Jack Swayne – Chief Strategy & Analytics Officer at iProspect.
  • Vinne Schifferstein Vidal – Global Digital Category Director at Pearson.

To find out everything they said, be sure to watch the video at the bottom of the article, but here are just three of the most important skills highlighted.


Most employees are bound to say that having an interest in what you do is important, but for digital marketers, it is even more the case.

With the amount of access to new forms of technology, marketers need to be consistently curious about how they might utilise its potential.

As John Watton explains, having the desire to learn new things, asking questions, and seeking out solutions are all key behaviours that a curious marketer should demonstrate.

I don’t think it’s a profession now where you can come in at 9am and leave it all behind at 5pm.


While certain areas of digital require specialism, it’s important to remember that companies also need good all-rounders – those who understand how digital can fit into the entire eco-system of a business.

As Jack Swayne says, by retaining a broad mindset around different channels, employers are likely to encourage employees to undertake training in specific areas as experience is gained.

We look for a whole host of people, but ultimately, those who are really passionate about whatever digital channel they are looking after.


Despite the belief that risk-taking within marketing is important, many employers are beginning to place more value on being data-driven.

As Vivve Schifferstein explains, using data to improve strategy is far more likely to get results than gut feeling.

I want someone who is eager to make sure that assumptions are not assumptions any more. I think facts are much more important in the digital space.

Whether it’s CTR or ROI – data is undoubtedly a brilliant tool for any marketer.

The key is to not get too bogged down in its endless nature, and instead, use it in conjunction with creative and experimental methods.

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