Last month I collated a list of 10 excellent Slidehare presentations on social
, including Marta Kagan’s ‘What The F**k Is Social Media?’.

Marta has since updated her slideshow, which is now called ‘What The
F**k Is Social Media: One Year Later’. It is packed full of facts and
figures, as well as recommendations, just like the original. Some of the numbers are pretty staggering.

All in all it’s very helpful if you want to convince the boss about an investment into this space.

Marta lists a whole bunch of reasons why social media matters, and the takeaway message is that social media has grown up and you need to commit to it. As you probably know it’s all about dialogue, rather than monologue, and that kind of interaction takes effort. There really aren’t any shortcuts if you want to embrace social media, and for it to work for you.

There are no magic bullets either: “If your product sucks social media won’t fix it.” But then again, “If your customer service sucks social media can help” and better still, “If your repeat business sucks social media can help”.

Anyhow, do take a look…

What the F**K is Social Media: One Year Later

I’m thinking that we should ask Marta to speak at one of our events…