Finally, it’s the end of the week. But what have we been reading and sharing around the office? Here’s a quick round up of the content that grabbed our attention.

Pop back later to see what our UK and US offices have being checking out as well.

Online giants mow down Aussie department stores

After a year in which online retail grew almost 29%, around 10 times the speed of offline retail, Australia’s highest selling online operators have reached a cumulative size where their sales are now on par, or greater than, the top five Australian department stores.

Originally published 14-May-2012

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg: Does it matter that he wears a hoodie?

Mark Zuckerberg has been criticised for wearing a hoodie to a major business presentation. But should this be a problem?

Originally published 11-May-2012

India tipped to overtake the US to become the world’s biggest Facebook market by 2015

It has just seen Brazil overtake it to become Facebook’s largest overseas market, but India is being tipped to overtake the US and the Latin American country to become the planet’s largest collection of Facebook users by 2015.

Originally published 17-May-2012

5 futuristic technologies invented in the wrong century

We’re all familiar with the idea that science fiction often predicts science fact. But every once in a while the universe gets its wires so crossed that something we tend to think of as the far-fetched brainchild of some science fiction writer actually happened in the real world well before we ever saw it on a movie or TV screen.

Originally published 24-April-2012

The state of social business in Australia 2012

Who is achieving strategic results in Australia by design?

Originally published 16-May-2012

Chinese daily social network use increased 15.9% to 82m+

Social networking sites in China saw the number of active users achieve a steady growth, compared to the same period year on year. 

Originally published 15-May-2012

Interest vs. Social in Japan

Japan still doesn’t have a truly dominant player when it comes to social media, the fragmentation and splintering of social and interest based communities is key to understanding the market… 

Originally published 16-May-2012

Bing launches first Australian marketing campaign

The centrepiece of the campaign is a series of mini documentaries and TVCs which tell stories of inspirational young Australians who get things done. 

Originally published 17-May-2012

Understanding social media in China

No Facebook. No Twitter. No YouTube. Listing the companies that don’t have access to China’s exploding social-media space underscores just how different it is from those of many Western markets.  

Originally published 30-April-2012

This week in bots: Robo-crime and robo-punishment

Tiny desktop real-transformer bots? Pah. This is Vaudeville, a 13-foot-high, Gundam-style combat robot. 

Originally published 17-May-2012