Finally, it’s the end of the week. But what have we been reading and sharing around the office? Here’s a quick round up of the content that grabbed our attention.

Pop back later to see what our UK and US offices have being checking out as well.


Australian tech companies face tougher tax laws

Google has come under fire after paying $74,000 of taxes in Australia in 2010/11 despite earning an estimated $1bn in revenue, by billing through its Irish office… 

Originally published 23-May-2012

The 10 most important marketing trends, according to Sir Martin Sorrell

What is Sir Martin Sorrell’s, CEO of the world’s largest advertising and marketing services company WPP, take on the marketing Zeitgeist?

Originally published 10-May-2012

Has Windows phone overtaken Apple in China? Maybe, but Microsoft won’t confirm it.

Microsoft is keeping quiet on reports suggesting that brisk sales of Windows Phone 7-based devices in China have propelled its overall market share up to seven percent, taking it past rival Apple’s six percent in the process. 

Originally published 21-May-2012

Trust in adland and journos on par with car salesman

Ad execs and journalists rank among the least trusted professionals in the country, according to a study, which places them on par with car salesman and real estate agents in the minds of the public.

Originally published 23-May-2012

People thrive when they feel appreciated

Kudos to you, if you do everything you can to keep your creative people (and other employees) happy. It’s a fact that happy employees contribute more to a company’s bottom line than those who fall into the disgruntled employee category…

Originally published 18-May-2012

The history of usability: From simplicity to complexity

The story of usability is a perverse journey from simplicity to complexity. That’s right, from simplicity to complexity – not the other way around.

Originally published 23-May-2012

The drive for big data alienates Australian consumers

Australian companies have been accused of trying to squeeze too much customer information from consumers – to the point that they are gathering false results.

Originally published 04-May-2012

I’m an article about the internet that you repost on the internet 

Hey, you- yes, you, scanning past me for celebrity news. Did you fail to notice what I’m about? The exact medium that you use to mass-distribute articles to friends, relatives, and people you’ve never met

Originally published 14-May-2012

Yahoo’s $7.1 billion Alibaba deal leaves it free to make other investments in China

After months of speculation, Yahoo has finally announced that it has agreed to a deal to sell a significant part of its 20 percent stake in Alibaba back to the Chinese ecommerce giant. 

Originally published 21-May-2012

7 reasons computer glitches won’t go away. (Ever). 

People have been complaining about computer glitches since the punch card days. Why don’t we have simple stuff like drivers and software compatibility fixed yet? Can we blame it all on Bill Gates?

Originally published 09-Oct-2012