Finally, it’s the end of the week. But what have we been reading and sharing around the office?

Here’s a quick round up of the content that grabbed our attention. Pop back later to see what our UK and US offices have being checking out as well.


Interactive beer ads let viewers text on-screen characters to get free drinks

Grolsch takes analog-digital experiences to the next level by having users communicate with fictional characters.

Originally published 19-Jul-2012 

Hackers steal 500,000 credit card details from Australian business, damage expected to top $25m

Hackers have grabbed the details of an estimated 500,000 credit cards in Australia after hacking into the poorly secured database of an unnamed business in what police have labelled a “disaster waiting to happen”.

Originally published 16-Aug-2012 

Revenues up 56% at Tencent, China’s biggest web company

China’s biggest tech company in terms of revenue, has just revealed its 2012 Q2 and half-year financial results. The stats show the company – which has stakes in gaming, social media, e-commerce, and more – growing yet further. 

Originally published 15-Aug-2012 

Think with Google: Lean communications

The goals of advertising might not have changed in the last 60 years – build a trusted and consistent brand image; shift people’s perceptions and behaviors; create work that surprises and delights – but the tools of the trade have exploded… 

Originally published 17-Aug-2012 

US analyst cites transparency as key challenge for Australian retail

Retail Systems Research’s Nikki Baird shares some insightful and interesting views on the Australian multichannel retail market.

Originally published 08-Aug-2012 

“Weibo Reach” puts serious analytical tools right at your fingertips

Sina Weibo is a powerful communication tool. But it doesn’t offer much in the way of analytics. Enter Chinese startup Weibo Reach, which takes your tweets and produces awesome visualizations of their spread throughout the web… 

Originally published 16-Aug-2012 

6 websites that misunderstand their audience (hilariously)

If you’re running a business, selling a product or writing a manifesto, you need to be online. At least that’s what everyone thinks. The problem comes when the people building the sites aren’t sure who the hell they’re building them for…

Originally published 19-Jul-2012 

Lost in translation: Few multinationals rename well for Chinese market

When entering China, a brand’s name should be changed so that the sound and the meaning of the name relate to the original, the research conducted by a group of academics argues… 

Originally published 17-Aug-2012 

3 golden rules of successful storytelling in the social era

“Ideas today are never fixed: they’re owned and modified by everyone. They move through networks at the will of their members and without that activity, they die.”

Originally published 08-Aug-2012 

Agency brews beer to win beer account

A small Sydney creative agency has launched a bid to win a beer account – by brewing its own beer…

Originally published 16-Aug-2012