Finally, it’s the end of the week. But what have we been reading and sharing around the office?

Here’s a quick round up of the content that grabbed our attention. Pop back later to see what our UK and US offices have being checking out as well.

 20+ Chinese e-commerce players to watch

There are thousands of e-commerce sites in the Chinese market, where literally almost anything can be bought online. So which ones have made the biggest impact in China’s online shopping space?  

Originally published 03-Sep-2012 

Aus social network start up to take on Google and Yelp at social search

Australian start up Posse – a social search network for real world places – has taken aim at Google’s social search shortcomings and plans to upstage Yelp and Foursquare as a source of recommendations for restaurants, bars and shops.

Originally published 05-Sep-2012 

Google re-enables YouTube uploads in Korea, following a 3 year block

Google has announced the long-anticipated re-enabling of YouTube Uploads in South Korea more than three years after local regulation forced the restriction…

Originally published 06-Sep-2012 

Facebook’s removal of fake likes may have heaviest impact on Asia

Facebook’s planned initiative to remove fake ‘likes’ on brand pages may hurt initially, but will eventually force Asia’s digital ecosystem to produce improved and more genuine engagement rates between brands and fans.

Originally published 06-Sep-2012 

The online shopping dilemma

When Australians considered the statement “I think it’s wrong to get a shop assistant to show you something in-store and then go and buy it online”, 39% agreed and 29% disagreed… 

Originally published 04-Sep-2012 

ASEAN social network ranking infographic

An interesting infographic looking at the social profiles of the top-20 ASEAN brands

Originally published 28-Aug-2012 

Ad forecast: Online to trump TV by 2017

A new report suggests the web will eclipse TV advertising – and sooner than you think. Is your business ready for the big shift?

Originally published 31-Aug-2012 

China SME B2B market growth slows down with a slight increase in market concentration

Data shows that the B2B e-commerce market revenue of SMEs in China reached 3.95 billion Yuan in Q2 2012, with a slowing year on year growth of 21.5% and a quarter on quarter growth of 6.5%…

Originally published 06-Sep-2012 

The Australian online advertising boom

There’s good news for digital advertising agencies and marketers as the online advertising industry continues to grow across all categories, breaking through the $3 billion barrier in the last year.

Originally published 13-Aug-2012 

33 stats that paint a picture of the future of marketing

The future of our beloved marketing industry is changing fast – the good news is, we don’t even need a crystal ball to see where it’s headed.. 

Originally published 27-Aug-2012