Finally, it’s the end of the week. But what have we been reading and sharing around the office?

Here’s a quick round up of the content that grabbed our attention. Pop back later to see what our UK and US offices have being checking out as well.

Spikes Asia 2012: “Industry in Asia is still a follower, not a leader,” says Dominic Proctor

The industry in Asia-Pacific is still a follower not a leader, with too few examples of world-class work coming from too few places, Group M President, Dominic Proctor, said in a hard-hitting address at Spikes Asia 2012… 

Originally published 18-Sep-2012

Australian entrepreneurs aim to reinvent the light bulb with LIFX

LIFX has raised more than $1 million dollars on Kickstarter – that was in just four days…

Originally published 21-Sep-2012

Twitter’s emergency service potential tested in Japanese earthquake drill

Twitter and social networks were a key part of communications during Japan’s tsunami and earthquake disaster last year… Fast forward more than a year and Twitter and smartphones remain at the core of Japan’s emergency contingency plans.

Originally published 20-Sep-2012

Baidu’s digital patriotism looks like corporate suicide for overseas expansion plans

China’s biggest search engine has engaged in a surprising bit of digital activism and patriotism, declaring that the disputed Diaoyu and Senkaku islands do indeed belong to China.

Originally published 19-Sep-2012

Top 10 Australian logos of all time

Marketing, in collaboration with sister publication desktop magazine, lists the Top 10 Australian logos of all time. A fascinating insight into the history, trials and trivia of some of Australia’s favourite (and sometimes controversial) brands and their logos.

Originally published 21-Sep-2012

Google adds another cool tool to Search: The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Forget using Google’s more powerful search operators, the best ones are the most fun ones. We’ve seen ’tilt’ and ‘do a barrel roll’, but the company has added another cool new search operator: Bacon number.

Originally published 13-Sep-2012

GST and you: The ARA perspective

That online, and therefore multichannel retailing, is the biggest growth area in Australian retail is no secret, and the Australian Retailers Association estimates it will continue to grow by up to 20 percent per year over the next few years.

Originally published 19-Sep-2012

New mobile marketing player in HK

Havas Media has expanded its mobile marketing brand Mobext to Hong Kong. Havas has also extended Mobext to Indonesia along with Hong Kong, as well as Singapore and Malaysia earlier this month.

Originally published 20-Sep-2012

All washed up: have surf megabrands forgotten their roots?

It has been well publicised that the big three surf labels – Rip Curl, Quiksilver and Billabong – have experienced shrinking sales and expanding debts. Suburban consumers have turned away from expensive surf-branded apparel. Coupled with the rise of online shopping, doubts are growing about the future viability of corporatised surf brands.

Originally published 18-Sep-2012

Making a better internet

A story about the current state of internet discourse.

Originally published 14-Sep-2012