Finally, it’s the end of the week. But what have we been reading and sharing around the office?

Here’s a quick round up of the content that grabbed our attention. Pop back later to see what our UK and US teams have being checking out as well.

Study: Brand Australia’s decline continues, hitting 4-year low

Brand Australia continues to decline on the world stage, slipping five places below its world-beating peak to sixth in 2012’s rankings of the world’s top country brands…

Originally published 25-Oct-2012

China leads Digital Asia Festival awards shortlist with 31 entries

From more than 600 entries, the Digital Media Awards jury has selected 105 from 12 countries for the final round of judging. On the shortlist, China has the highest number of entries, followed by Australia and Singapore, both with 13. 

Originally published 25-Oct-2012

Is mobile currency really making cash obsolete?

The widespread adoption of mobile phones (particularly smartphones) has brought about tremendous new prospects for loyalty marketers. While the mobile device increasingly possesses the ability to serve as a payment mechanism, the impact that the mobile device can have on currency goes much deeper. 

Originally published 11-Oct-2012

Can Asia take the lead in the next generation of social games?

Zynga’s recent reversal of fortunes brought up several questions about the social gaming and virtual goods model. The company’s growth is so closely linked to Facebook, that it is often indistinguishable which of the two was riding on the other’s growth…

Originally published 17-Oct-2012

How successful virtual teams collaborate

In a virtual workplace, collaboration can be all the more difficult to attain, especially when team members work for different companies, are essentially strangers to one another, and have different cultural and professional backgrounds… 

Originally published 24-Oct-2012

Baidu expects ad revenue to rise to $3.18bn by end of 2012

Despite a still fragile economy, China’s top search engine believes it’ll see a strong rise in ad revenues in 2012. Baidu’s VP, Wang Zhan, said publicly this week that he expects in excess of $3.18 billion in online advertising sales by the end of 2012. 

Originally published 25-Oct-2012

A new internet age? Web users turn on ‘trolls’

Two recent online ‘outings’ suggest that attitudes towards online anonymity may have shifted… 

Originally published 19-Oct-2012

Nintendo slashes annual profit forecast by 70% to $75 million

Nintendo has drastically cut its profit forecast for the year from 20 billion yen ($250 million) to 6 billion yen ($75 million) as it struggles to hold on to its gaming dynasty. 

Originally published 24-Oct-2012

Tiger Beer Malaysia throws 22 back-to-back parties this Halloween, complemented by a digital campaign

This Halloween, Tiger will show its stripes by throwing 22 back-to-back parties in the Klang Valley across two days. 

Originally published 24-Oct-2012

DesignCrowd jumps into Asia

DesignCrowd, the Australia-headquartered crowdsourcing service for designers, has kicked into the next gear of its international expansion after it entered Asia via launches in India, Singapore and the Philippines.

Originally published 24-Oct-2012