It’s finally the end of the week. But what have we been recently reading and sharing around the office? Here’s a quick round up of the content that grabbed our attention.

Check back later to see what other stuff our UK and US teams have being reading, too.

Aussies shun sexy brands in favour of Vegemite

Australians are rejecting sophisticated and sexy brands preferring to opt for down to earth, pragmatic and optimistic marques… 

Originally published 15-Mar-2012

Today is the most exciting time to be working in the internet

“Be passionate about what you do, because now is a pretty awesome time.” 

Originally published 16-Mar-2012

SE Asian challengers twice as profitable as developed world multinationals

Southeast Asia’s leading brands are about to become global household names according to a new report which identifies 50 ‘challengers’ to watch. Heard of Indofood, Hyflux, PPT or the Axiata Group? You will do soon.

Originally published 21-Mar-2012

Online retailing threatens Australia (video)

Gerry Harvey has been an outspoken critic of the rise of online sales, which he says threatens Australian business and manufacturing.

Interviewer: “It’s going to be more attractive to buy from a local retailer online, than one from overseas. Faster delivery, better customer care …

Gerry Harvey: “No, no, no, wrong, wrong!

Originally published 19-Mar-2012

Customer service: The next big hurdle for Chinese e-commerce?

China’s e-commerce scene is rapidly developing into a robust, mature market, but as the market develops, customer service seems increasingly behind the times.

Originally published 22-Mar-2012

Volpen: An online collaboration tool for writing stories

Volpen: The new writing collaboration service from Indonesia which aims to unite casual writers all over the globe and create the next epic literary work, one book at a time. 

Originally published 22-Mar-2012

David Jones’ profits slammed by online shopping

Australian department store giant David Jones has warned its profits could fall 40% this year, as the company looks to deal with online competition.

Originally published 22-Mar-2012

Is online the new space for Halal?

Following the recent report of a ‘halal’ Facebook, there are now plans to launch a ‘halal’ group-buying site…

Originally published 21-Mar-2012

WikiLeaks announce that Julian Assange is running for the Australian Senate

Is it possible for Julian Assange to run for the Australian Senate while under house arrest in another country? Apparently the answer is yes. 

Originally published 17-Mar-2012

Weibo: Seven steps to better corporate reputation, crisis preparedness and digital communications in China

The outline for an actionable framework towards online reputation management, crisis preparedness on the Chinese network 

Originally published 28-Feb-2012