Finally, it’s Friday. But what have we been reading and sharing around the office this week? Here’s a quick round up of the content that grabbed our attention. 

Pop back later to see what our UK and US offices have being checking out, too. 

Strengths & weaknesses of Baidu vs. Google in China

Baidu is far ahead of Google in China, controlling 83% of all searches, compared to Google’s 11%. However, when you look the revenues. Google accounts for nearly a fifth of estimated $866 million (5.5 billion Yuan) ad-spend. 

Originally published 28-Mar-12

Draft terms of reference for the Australian Law Reform Commission reference on copyright

The Attorney-General has announced that the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) may review the operation of copyright in the digital environment. Interested stakeholders are invited to comment on the proposed draft terms of reference.

Originally published 30-Mar-12

Taiwan’s 7-Eleven could be a solution for Indonesia’s e-payment problem

Taiwan’s 7-Eleven ibon machine allows customers to buy train tickets, concert tickets, pay telephone bills, top up phone and gaming credits and pay cash directly. Going through a physical third-party player makes the customers a little more confident that the deal is trustworthy, and it provides a cosier environment for e-commerce in Taiwan to flourish. 

Originally published 29-Mar-12

Deloitte Australia takes growing piece of digital campaign business

Companies needing assistance with digital and mobile marketing efforts aren’t required to turn to advertising agencies. They can and will work with anyone who seems to offer the needed expertise… 

Originally published 04-Apr-12

4 ways big data can trick you

Analyzing heaps of data can give you an edge… or make you fall flat on your face. It all depends on how you use the results. 

Originally published 26-Mar-12

China’s e-Commerce giant launches its Taobao browser

China’s e-commerce king, Taobao, now has a PC web browser of its own that’s aimed at – surprise, surprise – web shoppers and providing security when making online payments. 

Originally published 02-Apr-12

Social media monitoring vs Customer intelligence analytics

There is a considerable confusion about a difference between SMM and Customer intelligence methodologies. This matrix tries to make it more simple. 

Originally published 28-Mar-12

Google ads in Australia searches misleading, court says

An appeal court has ruled that Google misled Australian consumers in 2007 by including paid advertisements from competitors in search results – and ordered that a protocol to avoid repeating the practice. Is this the beginning of the end for brand bidding? 

Originally published 03-Apr-12

Why Facebook is hiring ad agency creatives

Just in case you were wondering, Facebook is not trying to build an ad agency, despite recent hiring of some of the industry’s creatives… 

Originally published 27-Mar-12

The 5 most insulting ways products are advertised to men

It wasn’t so long ago that pipe-smoking men in dark suits could sell their products to women with a patronising pat on the head and a wink. Those days went the way of the cocktail lunch, but sexism still rages in the advertising world. It’s just that now, everybody gets in on it. 

Originally published 03-Apr-12