Finally, it’s Friday. But what have we been reading and sharing around the office this week? Here’s a quick round up of the content that grabbed our attention. 

Check back later to see what our UK and US offices have been taken by as well.


Asia’s first dedicated social media research center is launched in Hong Kong 

Asia now has its very first dedicated social media research center, after the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) launched its Social Media Laboratory this week.

Originallly published 17-Feb-12

5 common anti-internet arguments (that are statistically BS)

Sales in music are evaporating… It doesn’t take a degree in economics to know that the Internet is the dominating factor behind the loss, but what people are failing to notice is that the death of the sales is exactly what’s breathing life back into the actual arts. 

Originallly published 16-Feb-12

Is Japan Cool? 

All Nippon Airways (ANA) social-driven campaign website, aimed at sharing and exploring the interesting and fun experiences to be found in the country. 

Originallly published 10-Feb-12

Innovating the supply chain with social principles

At the heart of every business is a strategic supply chain setup, and this is where the most critical business value can be gained, or lost… Now, the business case for social supply chains has arrived.

Originallly published 20-Feb-12

The 2012 SoDA Report

The Society of Digital Agencies launches its annual report and 2012 looks to be interesting year for digital service providers… Shamelessly, Econsultancy had a hand in the creation of this year’s findings. 

Originallly published 21-Feb-12

Chinese luxury consumption exceeds a quarter of the world’s total global luxury consumer spending

A handy breakdown chart of the categories within this staggering fact…  Good news for high-end fashion retailers. 

Originallly published Dec-13-11

New regulations will forbid Korean websites from collecting IDs to verify users

Websites in South Korea will soon need to find new systems to authenticate users once new laws come into place in the country later this year.

Originallly posted 21-Feb-12

Beyond brand: how today’s marketing directors have to drive category growth

While always important, being a brand champion, brand protector or an innovator are now just the minimum requirements of today’s marketing director…

Originallly published 20-Feb-12

Australian Brands’ Facebook Performances Ranked

A study investigating how Aussie brands perform on Facebook, focusing on helping Australian retailers and brands utilise Facebook in the most effective way to engage with their customers .

Originallly published 22-Feb-12

Chinese mobile payments are tipping ¥48bn Yuan

New research shows that the number of mobile payment users reaches 190 million last year and this is estimated to grow to 480 million in 2013.

Originallly published 15-Feb-12

Woolworths launches virtual stores to promote mobile grocery shopping

Echoing similar campaigns seen in Europe and Asia, the retail giant promoted an update to its popular smartphone app by opening virtual supermarkets in two of Australia’s busiest train stations.

Originallly published 20-Feb-12